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Young Persons Opportunities Project (YPOP) is a small charitable organisation and company limited by guarantee. Charity Number: 1098552 Ofsted Reference: RP543692

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Youth Club

Young Persons Opportunites Project took over the day-to-day running of Speke Youth Club in November 2016 when Liverpool Youth Service was in the process of changing their youth provision and priorities within the city region. The biggest change was that all range 2 youth workers were no longer going to be part of the service going forward. Speke Youth Club was then in danger of not having any qualified staff to run the three-night provision for young people.


YPOP applied to the 'Big Lotteries Awards For All' to secure funding and appoint two new youth workers to work alongside the range 1 youth workers that already worked in the centre. The Big Lotteries awarded YPOP £10,000 to support youth work in the centre.


YPOP also received funds from POCA (Police Proceeded of Crime). POCA awarded £11,500 to the Commy in January 2017 to be used for youth worker salaries and activities for the young people of Speke.


Young Persons Opportunities Project has also put in a funding bid with the Big Lotteries Youth Investment Fund, this is for three years funding and will help to part fund youth provision for 6 nights in the Speke area in three youth bases, Speke Community Centre, Speke Adventure Playground and St Ambrose Catholic Youth Centre.


Speke Youth Club is open three evenings per week: Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 6.pm - 9.pm, there are now 6 youth support workers working across the three nights and all young people aged 11 -18 years are welcome to join us in the Commy.

The Commy has recently welcomed a group of new and innovative staff that are eager to work with the young people in the Speke community, on interesting and motivational sessions and activities.


These activities and sessions will help the team to engage and informally educate young people in an environment that they feel safe in. The Commy is a place that our young people can gain the necessary knowledge and information to make informed choices in their day to day lives, this work will be facilitated by a team that is committed to supporting the learning and development of all the young people that access the facilities and workshops at Speke Community Centre.  

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday Evening


6pm - 9pm

  • Open to anyone aged 11-18.

  • FREE activities.

  • Organised trips and workshops.